Auszeichnungen / Awards

"Kölner Lichter 2016"

Rhein-Energie Photowettbewerb 2016
Dieses Foto war unter den Gewinnerfotos für den neuen "Kölner Lichter"- Kalender 2017,
gleichzeitig wurde dieses Foto als Hintergrundbild für Tickets und Plakate der nächsten 
Kölner Lichter genommen.


“City Lights“ Photo Contest Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Seattle”
A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Olav Folland for his collaboration as a guest judge. Olav Folland was born a nomad, and graduated from 110 film to an SLR at age nine, while living in the Philippines. When the ViewBug team approached me about judging the first contest here, they made it sound so easy. They told me that “I’d just have to pick a winner and runner-ups from a small list.” Well, again you’ve proven them wrong. Each and every photo is absolutely top notch, so choosing winners sometimes just comes down to splitting hairs – that one tiny thing that makes a photo different. At the end of the day, I think a lot of this contest comes down to “does this photo somehow capture the soul of the city?” As the sun goes down, every city elicits an emotion that both resident and visitor alike feel.” – Olav Folland

“It’s probably safe to say than whenever anyone (that hasn’t been there) thinks of the Space Needle any time someone mentions the city – and they’re right to a large extent, of course. The Needle is the single most defining piece of architecture there. But this photo isn’t just about the icon. Tom Gessner takes us on a journey from the heights that are the core of the city through to the heights that will be. It’s warm and inviting, and makes us feel like this is a city worth visiting. At the same time, he makes the starkness of the Needle even more definitive as a symbol without losing the rest of the city. The residential district in the foreground just adds to a “hominess”. So, the composition is just superb. Seattle wraps itself around it’s icon like a warm blanket and invites us. The photo is soft where it needs to be, and crisp where it should be, and I really can’t find anything wrong with it.” – Olav Folland

"The Navigator"

"2nd Place" at the San Diego County Fair Photo Exhibit 2015
and Finalist in "Freshman" ViewBug Photo Contest 2015

"The Fly By"

I'm very honored by this decision and very proud of this award.
A huge "Thank You" to the judges who have chosen my photo out of hundreds to be
"The Best Of Show" at the Air Group One Airshow San Diego 2015.

"The Lonely Seal"

My photo is featured in the world's most powered HDR software made for Mac and Windows
Aurora HDR by Skylum