Tom Gessner
This German award-winning photographer brings out the light in his colorful, internationally collected photographs. Each image is thoughtfully composed to capture the landscape of the area.
Viewing this fine photographer's work will pull you into the scene – again and again –
offering you memories that last a lifetime.

Tom’s passion for photography began rather unexpectedly in 2003 when he was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia until 2006. After his return to the United States in 2010, Tom attended several courses in photography and became fascinated with American Photographers like Scott Kelby, Karen & Ben Willmore and many others.  Some of them influenced Tom and he began to emulate the vibrant hues and his love of „plain air“ photography.
Being able to capture one of those moments includes many challenges: acquiring the best perspective, hitting the shutter at the right time and having the clerk of the weather on his side.
As Tom states, “I really love that my camera gives me the ability to freeze that unique fragile moment for an instant”.
Tom’s photos, without a doubt, reveal the unmistakable appeal and magnetism of America’s Finest City San Diego (his home from 2010 to 2016), the United States and beyond.
Back in Germany, Tom continues to bring joy to everyone who is lucky enough to have one
of his photographs.
February, 2019